More About My Casino Experience

If you’re wondering whether to trust my judgment in the casino world, read on! I’m about to share a bit more of my experience in iGaming.

Writing has always been my first love. After school, I majored in journalism. Straight out of university, I was chomping at the bit to cut my teeth as a professional online writer.

But the working world seemed to be a little harder to break into than I thought it would. Undeterred, I began my career as a freelance copywriter.

Fortuitously, one of my freelance gigs got me writing my first online casino review. From that day on, I was truly fascinated. The games, the rules, the bonuses, I loved them all! I continued as a freelance contributor but always felt a draw to the world of online gaming.

As such, I decided to make a career out of my passions. I am a Londoner by birth but chose to relocate to the gambling hub of Malta (the weather is much better here, too). I knew if I was to make online casinos my career, this would be the best place for it!

Almost a decade later, I am genuinely relieved that I did. Through my years as an island girl, I’ve been blessed to pick up various full-time content roles within the iGaming industry. I’ve learned so much from fellow casino enthusiasts. All of whom I was lucky enough to have as my mentors and managers along the way.

Finally, I decided to take the reins and apply for a senior writing role, and here I am. I am dedicated to bringing you content that is fair and accurate. Furthermore, I love sharing all the new no deposit casinos I find.

My method for finding top-notch casinos is simple. I look out for sites that offer you great bonuses, a variety of game types and titles, are easy to navigate and above all, offer gaming that is fair and regulated on a continuous basis. I also consider a casino’s available banking options, their customer support, and what security measures they implement to ensure your safety as a player.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can get in touch with me by sending me a message any time! Articles Written By Me

Jenny Landsdowne Written by Jenny Landsdowne