Our Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy information on this page will clarify the following for you:

  1. How we use all data we collect on this website, and how it will be shared, if at all.
  2. What your options are in terms of the data we can collect and how we use it.
  3. What your rights to privacy are based on the law.

Non-personal Information: Data Collection and Traffic Analysis

Our website is an open resource for the online gambling community. For this reason, we have not locked our content away behind paywalls or other forms for restriction. Without the need for a personal account, the only information gather is non-personal session information such as date and time, type of browser, operating system, and the IP address of the visit. None of this data in any way tells us who you are or gives us insight into your personal life.

Information Deemed Personally Identifiable

We do offer additional information and services aimed at helping you receive assistance with a query or get access to personalized information. This can include dispute assistance, access to customer support, or joining a special newsletter list.

In such instances, we limit the requested information only to what is necessary for the successful execution of your request, and the recorded information is only accessed by authorized staff.

How Your Information Is Used

Without your trust and support, we would not exist, and we value your privacy and security. We have invested in the hosting and data security of our website and servers to always protect your information.

Given that the personally identifiable information you share with us is for a specific purpose we adhere strictly to those channels. In cases of payment or withdrawal disputes, we may share your provided details to ensure the operator can address your query and provide us with status updates.

We do not sell your information to any third parties for any reason. We consider your privacy one of our highest charges.

The Lawful Management of Information

Due to the nature of the support and services we offer our visitors we collect personal information from time to time. However, this information is all given by our visitors voluntarily and with the specific intent of addressing a need or query such as resolving a casino dispute.

We do not sell or transfer any of this information in the form of a trade or sale where we stand to benefit from the value of said data.

At any time where data is shared customer consent is key to the legal execution of the requested duty.

However, in order to execute a request for assistance with a query we may need to share the data with involved parties, we do so where legally binding as in the case of:

  • Contract Fulfilment
    These are cases where to see a contract fulfilled the relevant data needs to be shared.
  • Given Consent
    These are cases where the user has given clear consent for their information to be shared to fulfill a specific purpose or achieve an outcome.

Accessing and Controlling Your Information

Following the control standards of the financial industry, we have a security protocol in place that sees all information gathered in the process of resolving a dispute or claim against a casino deleted after five years.

We believe in complete transparency and as such you have the freedom to contact at any time to:

  • Review the information we have on record about you.
  • Update any of the information we have in our database.
  • Request that we delete all the information we have on record for you.
  • Verify how and where we have used your information.

Addressing Data Misuse

To ensure that you have complete peace of mind regarding your data safety and security we adhere to the following protocols:

  • Any potentially sensitive personal or financial data you share is secured via 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The same level of data security offered by your bank.
  • All internal processes that either store or transmit data and information gathered on our website features enhanced security in the form of strong password protection protocols.
  • Internally all our data storage servers offer secure offline data storage and any staff members accessing personally identifiable information are part of specific teams with that level of access to ensure the highest levels of accountability.
  • All personal information shared with us via email or in the process of resolving a casino dispute is permanently deleted every five years.
Jenny Landsdowne Written by Jenny Landsdowne